Is Small Finally Becoming Beautiful?

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the new economy

Dejonckheere J, Ramioul M, Van Hootegem G | Report 391 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2003

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To what extent are small companies making use of eWork? Are small and medium-sized enterprises practising eWork as frequently, or more often than, big companies? What are the comparative advantages and disadvantages of SMEs?

This report addresses questions such as these, and looks at the role of SMEs in the new economy, in the changing international division of labour and the trade in information service activities.

It uses the empirical findings of the EMERGENCE project to test a number of hypotheses on the position of SMEs, and to clarify their unique position in the new economy.

This report is part of the EMERGENCE project, which is funded under the European Commission's IST programme.