Making the Right Choice - How Students Choose Universities and Colleges - Appendix 1 The survey of applicants

Connor H, Burton R, Pearson R, Pollard E, Regan J |   | Universities UK | May 1999

A major national study undertaken by IES into student choice of full-time higher education in the UK, in particular, choice of institution.

Sponsored by Universities UK (formerly CVCP), UCAS, HEFCE and 15 universities and colleges, the study comprised: surveys of 2,000 16 year olds and 20,000 applicants to HE in 1998, interviews with a further 200 students and analysis of UCAS and other statistics on HE applicants.

It reveals what students want in terms of information and how it is presented, in order to make sound, well-informed choices for a successful course of study. It also explains how universities and higher education colleges can improve their prospects of attracting students.

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