Next Choices: Career Choices Beyond University

Pollard E, Pearson R, Willison R | Report 405 | Institute for Employment Studies | Jan 2004

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The third in IES' 'Choices' series, this study, funded by the Department for Education and Skills, continued to follow a cohort of 1998 university or college of higher education applicants.

In 1998, 'Making the Right Choice' explored information, advice and choices about HE. In 2000, 'Right Choice'? looked at the outcomes of individuals' choices in terms of the HE experience.

This study continues to map choices and how they evolve over time. It investigates career aspirations, employment choices and experiences of those who graduated and those who left their courses early.

The research indicates how students make appropriate choices and what happens to those that don't, at a time when the range of choices available to potential students has increased and the implications of wrong choices have become more costly.