Performance management, a tale of two practices?

IES Perspectives on HR 2016

Tamkin P | HR Network Paper 120 | Institute for Employment Studies | Apr 2016

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Of all HR practices, performance management systems appear to be almost universally embedded in organisational best practice. One CIPD survey found that 95 per cent of organisations have appraisals (Sung and Ashton, 2005). Assuming that organisations behave rationally, we might expect that they use appraisals because they benefit the organisation.

Penny Tamkin puts some sensible balance back into the current trend for kicking this 'soul-sucking monster of HR' (Milne, 2015), pointing out the strong correlations with organisational performance and concluding that 'for most organisations the answer is not to jettison the performance management system but step back, consider what you really want it to do, and focus on making sure every bit of it delivers that.'

This paper was originally published in Thoughts for the day: IES Perspectives on HR 2016