Strategic Human Resource Management in Practice: Case Studies and Conclusions (Executive Summary)

from HRM Strategy to Strategic People Management

Brown D, Hirsh W, Reilly P | Report 519 (ES) | Institute for Employment Studies | Apr 2019

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This eight page document is the executive summary of: Strategic Human Resource Management in Practice: Case Studies and Conclusions 

Is the management of people and the HR functions' work in organisations today really about growing the long-term value of an employers' most important asset, in an increasing uncertain and skills-short labour market? Or is it more to do with continuing to drive costs down and shareholder returns up; and meeting the bare minimum standards required by employment legislation?

Our earlier academic literature review highlighted the difficulties of implementing many HR policies as intended in today's rapidly changing and flatter organisations, and in the aftermath of a decade of real pay cuts and the growth of more insecure work models. This new research tentatively concludes that a variety of techniques are being used to make a strategic approach to people management a successful reality in these organisations.