Which way now for HR and organisational changes? IES Perspectives on HR 2018

Report 516 | Institute for Employment Studies | Jan 2019

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IES' annual series of reflections on contemporary employment concepts and challenges continues, with essays from IES’ team of researchers and consultants.

The 2018 Perspectives on HR series sits in the context of high political and economic uncertainty brought about by the UK's decision to leave the European Union. This climate was the backdrop and driver of much of the Institute's work and thinking in the year and, though not a focus of one particular essay, does play a role in many of the concepts discussed throughout the series.

The authors offer historical reflections on the HR and employment concepts discussed, drawing upon IES' 50 years of expertise in employment and human resource management. These reflections and learnings offer an evidence-based means of understanding the concepts and addressing associated challenges now and in the future.

This series includes Perspectives  on:

  • effective performance, development and career conversations at work;
  • change capability in the agile organisation;
  • building the business case for employee financial wellbeing;
  • an evidence-based approach to employee engagement; and
  • the impact of artificial intelligence on the HR function.