Student Income and Expenditure Survey 2014/15: Welsh-domiciled students

Maher J, Rooney K, Toomse-Smith M, Kiss Z, Pollard E, Williams M, Hillage J, Green M, Huxley C, Hunt W |   | Welsh Government | Jun 2017

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This study provides an authoritative report on the financial position of higher education students from Wales who are studying in Wales or England in the academic year 2014/15. Almost 2,000 students across 84 institutions completed a detailed survey of their income, expenditure, borrowing and savings, and attitudes to finances.

This interim report, produced by IES and NatCen Social Research on behalf of the Welsh Government, does not include comparisons between the financial position of Welsh-domiciled and English-domiciled students. These comparisons are included in a final version, which also includes details of the financial position of higher education students from England.

This survey updates the picture of student finances taken in 2011/12, and therefore provides a robust assessment of the impact of the changes to student funding and support that were introduced for those starting higher education (HE) in the 2012/13 academic year.

For a brief summary from IES of the key findings, visit our news pages.

A seperate executive summary document is available here.