Student Income and Expenditure Survey 2014/15: Welsh-domiciled students: Interim executive summary

Maher J, Rooney K, Toomse-Smith M, Kiss Z, Pollard E, Williams M, Hillage J, Green M, Huxley C, Hunt W |   | Welsh Government | Jun 2017

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This interim executive summary presents the key findings of an authoritative report on the financial position of higher education students from Wales who are studying in Wales or England in the academic year 2014/15. The study was jointly commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovationa and Skills (BIS) and the Welsh Government and was conducted by IES in partnership with NatCen Social Research.

The full report can be read here.

For a brief summary from IES of the key findings, visit our news pages.

This executive summary contains details on how the data were collected; the research methods and key findings from the survey. These findings insights on:

  • student income;
  • income from loans and other forms of support ;
  • earnings from work;
  • income from family and friends;
  • social security benefits;
  • student spending;
  • participation costs;
  • living and housing costs;
  • spending on children; and
  • savings, borrowing and debt.