Talent management: responding to uncertainty

IES Perspectives on HR 2017

Hirsh W | HR Network Paper 136 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2017

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Wendy Hirsh, IES Principal Associate, offers her contribution to the Perspectives on HR 2017 series of essays. This essay considers the role of talent management in uncertain times and in a changing landscape of work, given the current rise in zero-hours contracts and the 'Uberisation' of service provision.

Wendy asks how organisations can hold on to talent in these uncertain times and offers an overview of the current state of play in talent management, based on her extensive experience in the field, consulting with a wide range of organisations.

The essay offers valuable insights for employers on the need to stretch further down the talent pipeline, to put diversity at centre stage and to back any intentions of improving talent management with support from managers and HR.

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