Using behavioural insights to examine benefit claimants' approaches to training opportunities

Gloster R, Bertram C, Buzzeo J, Fletcher L, Tassinari A, Cox A, Vlaev I | Research Report 723 | Department for Education | Jul 2017

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This study explored the training decisions of benefit claimants in the context of Skills Conditionality and mandation, with the aim of improving attendance at training and ensuring that training opportunities for benefit claimants are based on an understanding of their motivations and the other factors that influence behaviour.

The research identified:

  • how the skills and training offer is experienced by claimants;
  • key influences on claimant’s training behaviours, including the relevance of the training to their career goals and influence of mandation;
  • critical moments when claimants are most receptive to training; and
  • implications for interventions to increase the take-up of training among benefit claimants.

The study consisted of interviews with benefit claimants, and Jobcentre Plus staff and providers across four Jobcentre Plus districts.

The report presents the recommendations and implications of the research findings.