HR Consultancy

Alongside our wide research interests, we also undertake consulting assignments for organisations.  We can help bring fresh perspective and insight to topics such as:

  • Workforce planning.
  • Health & wellbeing at work.
  • Organisation design & development.
  • Recruitment & selection.
  • Career planning and management.
  • Leadership & management development, including coaching.
  • HR data and analytics.

Our team includes occupational psychologists, economists, researchers and HR practitioners, ensuring you benefit from pragmatic solutions based on an evidence-based approach.

We apply our expertise to help clients in a variety of ways that includes:

  • Diagnostic work – to analyse the reasons behind organisational issues such as retention or poor engagement.
  • Evidence-review – looking at the latest research on a specific topic to help inform strategy or decisions.
  • Design of pilots and trials – to ensure your workplace interventions are effective and can demonstrate their impact.
  • Critical friend – providing an expert challenge or sounding board.
  • Evaluation of HR work and impact.

Our HR consultancy work for employers draws extensively on IES’ wide range of HR research expertise.

Dan Lucy

Zofia Bajorek

Dan Lucy
Director, HR Research Consulting
Alison Carter
Principal Research Fellow
Zofia Bajorek
Senior Research Fellow