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1 Sep 2012

HR Insight Issue 15

Dilys Robinson, Principal Research Fellow

Dilys RobinsonIES’s work on the topic of employee engagement continues to grow.

Employee engagement surveys

We have recently completed surveys for two organisations – the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education and the Architects’ Registration Board – and are in the process of conducting a third, for the Housing Ombudsman Service. All three have attracted very high response rates, of 97 to 100 per cent. This is a good indicator of their employees’ enthusiasm to share their views and suggest ways of making their working lives, and their organisations’ performance, even better. The analyses we have carried out are helping these clients to understand what motivates and engages their employees.

Engaging Manager series

We are using the material gathered via our Engaging Manager research to produce four further reports on different themes. Two have already been published (Images of Engaging Management and Teams and the Engaging Manager) and two more are waiting in the wings for publication later in the year (The Engaging Manager and Sticky Situations and The Engaging Manager in Development Mode).

Engagement assessment tool

Good progress is also happening with this 360° tool to help managers understand the impact of their people management behaviours. It is being developed from a paper-based to an electronic product, and we will be working with volunteers to test it over the next few months.

Engage for Success movement

Dilys Robinson is a member of the movement’s Guru Group, and is currently on its steering group. Engage for Success is a completely voluntary movement, with members and organisations giving time and resources pro bono. Dilys is also participating in the review of materials for inclusion on the Engage for Success website, specifically on the theme of Employee Voice. If you think your organisation has something to offer on this theme (or indeed on any other aspect of engagement) – such as a podcast, written case study, video clip, guidelines for managers, articles, values – please contact Dilys via email: dilys.robinson@employment-studies.co.uk

To find out more about any of IES's engagement work, contact Dilys.