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28 Jun 2016

HR Insight Issue 22

Presenteeism: A review of current thinkingPresenteeism: A review of current thinking

Being at work while you are ill may not be such a bad thing after all, suggests our new report on 'Presenteeism'. The report challenges the idea that workers have to be 100 per cent fit before going back to work and argues that the workplace can have a beneficial effect on rehabilitation and recovery, even for workers with serious health conditions.

The report looks at research from across the world on the causes and impact of 'Presenteeism' – defined as ‘showing up to work when one is ill’.

While the report acknowledges that Presenteeism can be a negative phenomenon (risking cross-infection and increasing the chances of making some health conditions worse) it also suggests that employers should look at its positive benefits too.


Thoughts for the day: IES Perspectives on HR 2016Thoughts for the day: IES Perspectives on HR 2016

We have published a collection of articles in response to current uncertainty and the tendency towards tactical cost and risk management that we are seeing. This compilation of bite-sized essays by leading thinkers confronts and expands on existing thinking, plans, and practices in HR and employment. It will help HR leaders think about, plan for, and deal with ‘known and unknown unknowns’, challenging modern fads, reinforcing some long-standing truths and offering original and practical insights.


Investigating and improving the HR and OD capability in shared councilsInvestigating and improving the HR and OD capability in shared councils

IES undertook research for the Local Government Association looking into how to improve the contribution which HR and OD functions and policies make to the success of shared council partnerships. This report summarises the common findings and themes to emerge across the research visits and analysis of 10 council partnerships.


Creating longer, more fulfilling working livesCreating longer, more fulfilling working lives - Employer practice in five European countries

This report is the culmination of research carried out by IES on behalf of the CIPD, investigating how employers can best manage an increasingly older workforce in the context of their health and wellbeing and care responsibilities. It is a comparative study covering five European countries: the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany and the UK.


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