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1 Apr 2015

HR Insight Issue 20

HR in a disordered world: IES Perspectives on HR 2015

We recently launched our annual Perspectives on HR report, a collection of articles addressing the challenges for the HR function in today’s turbulent times.

To help HR professionals rise to those challenges, several of the articles consider how the function steers itself through change, or how it helps others do so. We urge employers to consider how more established ways of managing change can be replaced by evolving fluid approaches.

The report suggests new ways of leveraging HR tools such as coaching and innovation, alongside new approaches to change itself. The writers also consider the current issues for HR staples such as talent management and business partners, as well as new angles on topics such as capabilities and ethics.

All of these papers are united in their desire to place the HR function and its people ahead of events, better able to work with change, support those who experience it, and reflect on their own contribution in the process.

Access the report at

Effective talent and succession management: A framework for thinking about your own approach

Here at IES, our research activities and discussions with leading employers keep us abreast of the latest thinking and generate insights into what works in practice.

To offer these insights in a concise and useable format, we are launching a series of HR Essentials papers.

In the first of these papers, Wendy Hirsh offers her suggestions for practitioners on just two sides of paper, which include:

  • A framework for thinking about your own approach.
  • Ten practical tips for developing and implementing a successful approach.

This paper is currently available only to HR Network members. The embargo will be lifted on Monday, 23 May.

For further information on how IES can help you with talent and succession management contact Wendy Hirsh, IES Principal Associate.

Understanding Employers' Graduate Recruitment and Selection Practices, the outcome of our recent research project for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, is due to be published early in the summer.