Evaluation of Diversity in Apprenticeship Pilots

This project aimed to inform future policy regarding diversity in apprenticeships. It built on previous research by IES (Marangozov et al 2009*) that explored under-representation in apprenticeships (by gender, race and disability) and reviewed the evidence about the actions and activities that might promote a more diverse cohort.

Following this research, the Skills Funding Agency commissioned 16 pilots (known as the Diversity in Apprenticeships (DiA) pilots) to test delivery and support mechanisms to encourage and retain atypical and non-traditional apprentices. Each DiA pilot could address one or more equality and diversity characteristic within their provision and pilots were spread across England.

The interim evaluation was tasked to assess the progress of the DiA pilots and the extent to which theyweare meeting their aims. It also sought to gather and disseminate good practice to feed into the latter stage of delivery (till March 2012). A strategic assessment of activities and outcomes was planned to follow and the evaluation assessed how outcomes linked to the aims and objectives for the DiA pilots to assess sustainability and scalability.

*Marangozov R, Bates P, Martin R, Oakley J, Sigala M, Cox A (2009) Research to Shape Critical Mass Pilots to Address Under-Representation in Apprenticeships, SFA/BIS