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  • Cedefop(2020)

    Cedefop(2020). Empowering adults through upskilling and reskilling pathways

    Volume 1: adult population with potential for upskilling and reskilling

    Authors and main contributors: Newton B, Williams J, Hadjivassilou K, Patel R, Rickard C, et al | Apr 2020 | Office of the European Union

    This study, with significant research contributions from IES, is the first volume of Cedefop research on empowering adults through upskilling and reskilling pathways.

  • The Squeezed Middle

    The Squeezed Middle: Why we should be hugging and not squeezing line managers

    Bajorek Z | Feb 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    With the ‘squeeze’ in roles that line managers have, do they have the opportunity to do a ‘good job’ and are we providing them with sufficient support?

  • Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future: Strategic People Management and its Vital Role in Today's Uncertain Times

    Brown D, Armstrong M | Feb 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    How well is the HR function engaging in strategic people management and can it offer a way forward to uniting the competing perspectives of HR policy and practice.

  • Progression in Employment: A brief overview of policy options and evidence

    The Progression in Employment project

    Wilson T, Lucy D | Feb 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    The Progression in Employment project, of which this paper forms a part, is designed to capture evidence and insights on developing and implementing upskilling pathways for low-skilled adults. The project aims to identify effective employer...

  • Progression in Employment

    Supporting in-work progression for low-skilled, low-paid workers

    Bajorek Z, Lucy D | Feb 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This paper summarises the evidence and the main outputs from the Progression in Employment project.

  • Progression in Employment: Employer initiatives in relation to progression in employment

    Overview of employer initiatives in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK

    Rickard C, Takala H, Byford M, Zealley C, Bajorek Z, Hadjivassiliou K, Lucy D | Feb 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This paper provides an overview of what is known about current employer practice with respect to progressing low-skilled staff.

  • Progression in Employment: A cross country data analysis

    The Progression in Employment project

    Capuano S, Cockett J | Feb 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    The purpose of this report is to describe and analyse progression in employment amongst low-skilled workers across six European countries (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden and the UK).

  • Progression in Employment: Using behavioural insights to promote progression in employment

    The Progression in Employment project

    Zealley C, Rickard C, Lucy D | Feb 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report provides an analysis of how behavioural insights or ‘nudge’ approaches could be used to encourage employers to improve career progression for low-skilled, low paid workers.

  • National Colleges Process Evaluation

    Research report

    Buzzeo J, Patel R, Byford M, Takala H, Gay R  | Feb 2020 | Department for Education

    The National Colleges process evaluation provides an in-depth, comprehensive and independent account of how the policy has been designed and delivered since its inception.

  • Report cover

    Pay and Rewards 2020: depression, hope and anger

    My hopes for ‘more of’ and ‘less of’ in the decade ahead

    Brown D | Feb 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    In his first report of 2020, Duncan Brown, IES head of HR consultancy, compiles his pay and reward wish list for the year ahead.