Costs and Benefits to Service Providers of Making Reasonable Adjustments under Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act

Meager N, Dewson S, Evans C, Harper H, McGeer P, O'Regan S, Tackey N D | Research Report DWPRR 169 | Department for Work and Pensions | May 2002

This report presents the findings of a UK-wide survey and case studies of service providers in scope of Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act.

The research examines the extent to which establishments are making reasonable adjustments for disabled customers under Part III of the Act, and the costs and benefits of making such adjustments.

It seeks to assess providers' attitudes to making adjustments and the factors facilitating or acting as barriers to those adjustments, whilst also identifying examples of good practice.

The study was commissioned by the Disability Rights Commission and the Department for Work and Pensions, with co-funding from the Equality Commission of Northern Ireland. It was undertaken by the Institute for Employment Studies in partnership with MORI.