Landlords' Responses to the Disability Discrimination Act

Aston J, Hill D, Williams C | Research Report DWPRR 429 | Department for Work and Pensions | Apr 2007

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This qualitative research explores how landlords were responding to their Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) duties prior to December 2006, and their awareness of the new DDA duties for landlords which were coming into force in December 2006.

It consists of 45 in-depth interviews: five interviews with landlords' stakeholder organisations, 25 interviews with landlords, and 15 interviews with disabled tenants. The landlords sample included local authorities, housing associations, private landlords and letting agents.

Key findings include:

  • There was a clear divide between social landlords and private-sector landlords in terms of policy, experience and practice.
  • Local authorities and housing associations were making adjustments for disabled tenants which often surpassed the requirements of the new DDA duties.
  • Private landlords generally felt that the DDA duties would rarely apply to them.
  • All landlords agreed that the key benefit of making adjustments was to enable their tenants to stay in their homes.

This research is an extension to the IES report Organisations' Responses to the Disability Discrimination Act.