Organisations' Responses to the Disability Discrimination Act: 2009 Study

Dewson S, Williams C, Aston J, Carta E, Willison R, Martin R | Research Report DWPRR 685 | Office for Disability Issues | Aug 2010

The overall aim of the research was to gain a deeper understanding of the way in which organisations had responded to their obligations under the DDA.

The research pays particular attention to the changes introduced by the DDA 2005, most notably the extension of the legislation to include public bodies (in areas not already covered by the existing goods and services provisions), larger private clubs and locally electable authorities (with regard to discrimination against disabled elected members).

The research also covers organisational responses to the DDA 1995 to get a complete picture.

This research was carried out in the autumn of 2009 and coincided with the economic downturn. The research, therefore, also examined the effect that this may have had on organisations’ responses to the DDA and in their dealings with disabled customers/clients, employees and disabled elected members.