Effective performance, development and career conversations at work

IES Perspectives on HR 2018

Hirsh W | HR Network Paper 138 | Institute for Employment Studies | Apr 2018

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This paper, the first in the IES Perspectives on HR 2018 series, takes a critical look at the widespread exhortation that managers should have more frequent and more effective conversations with employees about their performance, skills and learning, potential and career development.

HR is rightly telling managers to have more 'conversations' with their staff, but in this context, what makes an effective conversation?

Authored by IES principal associate, Wendy Hirsh, the paper identifies what effective conversations achieve before outlining how they are conducted and offering practitioners six routes to more effective conversations.

The paper offers the view that effective performance, development and career conversations, are a gateway to an organisational culture that has a stronger and more continuous focus on improving performance, enhancing skills and helping employees make the most of their potential.