Royal Society Research Fellowships: Career Pathway Tracker

Mellors-Bourne R, Metcalfe J, Pollard E |   | The Royal Society | Sep 2018

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The Royal Society's University Research and Dorothy Hodgkin fellowships aim to provide long-term funding and support to early-career researchers, in order to facilitate career progression to independent research leaders.

This report presents the findings from the first survey of researchers involved in the career pathway tracker of of these two fellowships. The career pathway tracker aims to understand the long-term impact of the funding support and protected time to focus on research that these fellowships provide. IES, in partnership with researchers from the Careers Research & Advisory Centre (CRAC) and Vitae, supported the development of the tracking tool.

The report offers findings on the benefits and impact of the fellowships, alongside characteristics of participants and the aspects of the fellowship that were reported to be of greatest value.