IES staff are very active beyond the commissioned project work they do, with national and international speaking and chairing engagements.

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  • Fairness at Work - Perceptions of Shop Floor Justice in SMEs in the Engineering Sector

    Cox A, WERC Seminar, University of Bath, July 1999

  • Ensuring Succession for the future: staying ahead

    Hirsh W, Henley Learning Partnership Development Forum, Henley Management College, July 1999

  • The self-employed and lifetime incomes: successful entrepreneurs of a new group of ‘working poor’? Evidence from the UK

    Meager N, Self-employment in advanced economies, Mannheim Centre for European Research, Mannheim, July 1999

  • Occupational Pensions and Disabled People

    Meager N, Disability Rights Task Force seminar, Disability Rights Task Force, London, July 1999

  • Using Personnel Systems Effectively

    Robinson D, CIP 99, IPD/IES, London, June 1999

  • The seamless civil servant

    Hirsh W, Third Civil Service Human Resources Conference, Heathrow, June 1999

  • Employability as a policy framework in the UK

    Hillage J, EU Joint Employment Observatory Conference, IAS, Marseilles, June 1999

  • Heard it on the grapevine

    Pollard E, Regan J, CVCP conference, CVCP, London, June 1999

  • Targeting the long-term unemployed through early identification

    Meager N, Joint Employment Observatory Conference of the European Commission, Marseilles, June 1999

  • Overview- the People Perspective

    Hirsh W, From Merging to Integration, The Manpower Society, Bournemouth, May 1999