IES staff are very active beyond the commissioned project work they do, with national and international speaking and chairing engagements.

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  • Pay Systems and Performance

    Cox A, Seminar, West Midlands Engineering Employers' Association, February 1999

  • Employability in the modern labour market

    Hillage J, Careers Conference, CfBT Bedfordshire Careers, Luton Careers Centre, February 1999

  • Succession Management: ensuring the supply of future leaders

    Hirsh W, Management Center Turkey Conference, Management Center Turkey, Istanbul, February 1999

  • The development of health promotion competence in nurses and occupational therapists

    Miller L, Invited talk to the UK Forum for Organisational Health, Reuters, London, February 1999

  • Panel Speaker

    Reilly P, Temporary Workers in the European Labour Market, Manpower/TGWU conference, Access Conferences International, London, January 1999

  • Excellence in Research on Schools

    Hillage J, Research Synthesis to inform public policy, School of Public Policy, London, January 1999

  • Future of Educational Research - the way forward

    Hillage J, Future of Educational Research - the way forward, University of Birmingham, University of Birmingham, January 1999

  • Planning for Succession

    Hirsh W, Personnel Directors’ Forum, Oxford Institute for Employee Relations, Templeton College, Oxford, January 1999

  • Supporting Performance? The Role of Variable Pay Systems in SMEs in the Engineering Sector

    Cox A, HRM Study Group Conference, Researching HRM: Where Are We Going?, British Universities Industrial Relations Association, Cardiff Business School, January 1999

  • From salary workers to entrepreneurial workers?

    Meager N, Transitional Labour Markets, WZB, Berlin, January 1999