IES staff are very active beyond the commissioned project work they do, with national and international speaking and chairing engagements.

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  • Developments in the youth labour market in the UK

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  • Flexible working: In whose interest?

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  • Career management implications of a diverse workforce

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  • Educating Practitioners for Skills that Cross Boundaries-can occupational standards help ensure parity of service?

    Miller L, Arter K, Fernando R, Prime N, Mitchell L, Presented at Multiprofessional Issues in Health and Social Care-Education and Workforce Planning, University of Hertfordshire, May 1998

  • How to set priorities for employee development

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  • Retaining Key People

    Robinson D, Barber L, IPD Recruitment Forum, IPD, London, March 1998

  • Steering Committee Member

    Robinson D, new IPD interest group - HR Systems Forum, IPD, London, March 1998

  • What makes good quality work experience

    Hillage J, Building on Achievement, Work Experience, NYBEP (North Yorkshire Business & Education Partnership), York, March 1998

  • Turning Labour Market Information into Intelligence

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  • The Implications of Current Employment Trends for Careers in the New Millennium

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