Flexible working as a day one right

Past HR Network Event

18 January 2024


Flexible working as a day one right
Astrid Allen

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Flexible working as a day one right

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Event summary

New flexible working legislation ‘The Employment Relations (flexible working) Act’ will soon give employees the right to request flexible working from day one of their employment. At this webinar we discussed what changes will come into force and when this is likely to happen. We unpacked the implications of the legislation, considered what employers can expect to change at the point of recruitment and encouraged attendees to explore how they can best respond. Drawing from IES research, the webinar considered strategies to make flexible working the norm, thereby reducing the need for employees to invoke their legal right to request flexible working.

During this webinar led by IES Research Fellow, Astrid Allen, delegates gained an overview of the forthcoming changes to flexible working legislation, considered the implications for their organisation, and heard the latest findings from relevant IES research.

Topics covered

  • An overview of the legislation
  • Organisational context and different approaches to flexible working
  • What are the relevant aspects of your organisational culture? Where are you starting from? What are your employees telling you?
  • What flexible working could look like in the future
  • The implications of the legislation – what it may mean in practice
  • Your role in responding to legislative changes
  • What kind of approaches can support day one flexible working? What practical steps do you need to take?
  • Potential next steps