The IES Annual Conference 2023: Shaping a fairer world of work

About this event

Whilst Covid served to highlight inequity in the workplace and potentially drew new fault lines in the workforce, the post-Covid context is being shaped by a cost-of-living crisis, disputes over pay and conditions, recruitment and retention challenges, as well as the continued importance of diversity and inclusion. We know the importance of perceptions of fairness for employee engagement, retention, commitment and willingness to support organisational change, as well as its importance as a guiding principle in shaping a great workplace.

The focus of this year’s conference will be on some of the key challenges in the current context, and how we can shape a fairer world of work both now and in the future. You will hear from leading HR thinkers as well as have the opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues.

The key questions we address are:

  • How do we make work more inclusive now and in the future?
  • How do we enable employee voice to create a climate of fairness?
  • How can we redesign work to be more flexible and remove barriers to progression?
  • How do we shape a future workplace which is fairer and enables opportunity for all?
  • What does fair pay and reward look like in 2023 and beyond?


The IES Annual Conference 2023: Shaping a fairer world of work

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Dan Lucy, IES Director of HR Research and Consulting


Tony Wilson, Director of the Institute for Employment Studies

Nita Clarke, Director of the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA)

Dr Duncan Brown, IES Principal Associate

Heledd Straker, People Evolution Consultant, And Digital

Nicola Smith, Interim CEO, Timewise 

Paul Drechsler CBE, Chair International Chamber of Commerce

Rob BarkworthIES Principal Associate