Brexit impact on the workplace

Brexit Observatory logoThe prospect of the UK leaving the EU raises a number of questions for employers and employees.

We have collated responses and guidance on various HR themes to help you consider and approach these issues and to further the debate around the impact of Brexit on UK workplaces and employment as a whole.

Preparing for Brexit through workforce planningPreparing for Brexit through workforce planning

This report, authored by IES on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), offers guidance on the workforce planning implications of the UK leaving the European Union.

Reilly P, Hirsh W, Robinson D, Martin A (2018)


The impact of Brexit on HR

The HR profession is already being expected to help managers and employees navigate their way through the short and medium-term implications of Brexit, especially as their effects on HR policy and practice become clearer.

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Employee engagement

Even if the detailed implications of Brexit remain unclear for the next year or two, employers will be keen to ensure that employees are as informed and engaged as possible during this period of uncertainty.

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Workforce planning

It is already clear that, in some sectors, Brexit has prompted concerns over future labour supply. For employers facing uncertainty, this means putting resources and thinking into workforce planning, a process which has previously suffered from the mistaken belief that it holds no value in uncertain times.

Modern workforce planning takes a more flexible approach and increasingly seeks to understand what certain futures might look like and what an organisation will need to do to embrace them positively.

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Report iconWorkforce planning guidance and research

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Employment Law

The UK's departure from the EU may have employment law consequences for UK employers as the precise terms of Brexit become clearer. Here we will post material which helps HR professionals monitor informed opinion and helpful guidance.

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