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Membership modules

Membership modules can be bought individually or can be combined at a significant discount.

We can also tailor modules to meet your specific organisational needs.

We have a special rate for registered charities with an income of £1m or less.

HR top team and leaders 	  HR team development 	  Business problem solving With other members      1 place at 4 workshops or briefings  	 With other members      4 places at 4 workshops or briefings  	 With other members      4 places at 4 workshops or briefings  In your organisation      3 coaching sessions     HR strategy review     Personal leadership diagnostic  	 In your organisation      3 Knowledge Knibbles     2 masterclasses  	 In your organisation      3 critical friend sessions     2 masterclasses  Pricing      One module = £6,000     Two modules = £9,000     Three modules = £12,000  Additional optional benefits      5 day blocks of CPD     5 day blocks of consultancy     Extra coaching or mentoring  Each additional option costs £5,000.

HRN Flex - the alternative to modules

Full membership of the HR Network continues to be the best value membership on the market.

However, we understand the budget issues many organisations face and the importance of on-going HR development for morale and capability.

Flex membership offers an introduction to the key benefits of membership on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Choose events, consultancy or development services, and pay when you book them.

Join online and when you make your first booking, you will immediately enjoy these core benefits:

  • exclusive passworded online research;
  • priority access to our HR consultants and experts at the reduced member rates;
  • an HR skills audit; plus
  • advance emails about events and other news.

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