Engaging Manager Assessment: Full details

Green manBuild engagement team by team

The Engaging Manager 360° tool is a research-based, online tool that measures and facilitates team and organisational engagement.

Designed for middle to senior management, this powerful tool gives managers a comprehensive, detailed and robust picture of their engagement strengths and how they might improve.

Using sophisticated survey software to map management behaviours linked to higher levels of engagement, the tool gives a true and sound 360° perspective on managers' engaging behaviour.

With automated reminders and an online helpdesk as standard, it is designed to fit easily and quickly into a busy schedule.

Blue manA rigorous, evidence-based addition to the engagement toolbox

The questionnaire is based on years of influential research into engagement by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES).

This research shows that particular management behaviours are drivers of organisational engagement. Managers who use such behaviours are likely to have teams with higher levels of engagement.

The Engaging Manager 360° tool results in a personalised manager report, which gives a detailed description of an individual’s behaviours in relation to 30 different dimensions.

The report identifies not only where managers are strongest, but also precisely which behaviours can be improved with the least effort, so providing the quickest wins in raising team engagement.

An insight into the manager’s disengaging behaviours is also included in the report as a guide to how these behaviours can have a negative influence on engagement.

Purple manThe report

  • The comprehensive development report provides information on how frequently the manager demonstrates:
    • 12 engaging behaviours
    • 12 engaging types
    • 6 disengaging types
  • Information is displayed in graphs and tables alongside jargon-free, explanatory text for fast and easy understanding.
  • Sections on self-awareness help to guide the manager on any differences between self-perception and how others see them.
  • Comparison against a benchmark is included for each element so that managers can compare themselves to a wider pool of managers.
  • Detailed appendices are provided, with full descriptions of each behaviour and type, and a full breakdown of scores.

Lime manThe service

  • Fully managed online delivery and collection of responses.
  • Online IES helpdesk to support all participants.
  • Feedback options including interpretation on a one-to-one, coaching or (for cost-efficiency) report only basis.
  • Personalised questionnaires and communications, with your company branding.
  • Optional overview report and presentation for the organisation.
  • Any number of managers can be assessed, with significant economies of scale.

Red womanThe background research

Many thanks to the organisations that helped IES develop and test the tool: British Gas, Family Action and the House of Commons.

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A number of packages are available for the Engaging Manager 360° tool. We will be happy to talk through your requirements, provide you with a sample report, and offer a costing tailored to your specific objectives. Contact Amanda Callen or Dilys Robinson to find the right package and service for your requirements:

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