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Brexit Observatory LogoHigher education institutions have already raised concerns over international student numbers and research funding. The wider UK education and skills system faces uncertainties including the potential loss of programmes funded via the European Social Fund and how Brexit may impact on the pool of teaching staff available.

This page offers evidence-based resources originating from IES and others on the impact of Brexit on education and skills.


Publication iconEducation and skills: The UK Policy Agenda (Centre for Economic Performance)

Blog iconJoy Williams - Brexit and higher education: the impact on staff and funding one year on

Blog iconAlex Martin - Brexit and higher education: the impact on students one year on

Publication iconUK higher education and Brexit (Oxford Review of Economic Policy)

Publication iconThe economic impact of international students (Universities UK)

Blog iconExiting the EU: challenges and opportunities for higher education (House of Commons Education Select Committee)

Publication iconAcademic staff mobility in the age of Trump and Brexit? (Center for International Higher Education)

Blog iconGraduates propel decline in number of EU workers in Brexit Britain (Financial Times (£))

Blog iconOxford University may break with 700 years of tradition and open a foreign campus - after France offers Brexit sweetener (Telegraph)

Blog iconBrexit and UK (Social) Science: Developments to date (Campaign for Social Science)

Blog iconHow government can help universities to thrive post-exit (Universities UK)

Data iconApplicants for UK Higher Education down: 5% for UK students and 7% for EU students (UCAS)

Blog iconHeads of higher education careers services report a healthy graduate job market in 2016, despite challenges of Brexit (AGCAS)

Blog iconThe impact of exiting the European Union on higher education inquiry (Commons Education Select Committee)

Blog iconWhat will Brexit mean for Britain's world-class universities? (The Guardian)

Blog icon9% fall in EU applications to UK universities after Brexit vote (Politics Home)

Blog iconHasta la visa: The government is foolishly making life harder for foreign students (Economist)

Blog iconFunding support for EU students (Department for Education)

Blog iconBrexit impact on higher education: Committee launches inquiry (Commons Select Committee)

Blog iconAcademy and Campaign publish recommendations to support UK science in Brexit negotiations (Academy of Social Sciences)

Blog iconUK universities draw up plans for EU campuses ahead of Brexit (The Guardian)

Blog iconJoy Williams - Higher education in a post-Brexit world

Blog iconBritish Higher Education post-Brexit: the end of European Value Added and European Values? (LH Martin Institute)

Blog iconFour things that must happen to protect higher education after Brexit (UCU)

Blog iconHow Brexit matters to higher education beyond Europe (University World News)

Blog iconEU Referendum: What we know for EU students (UK Council for International Student Affairs)

Blog iconStatement on higher education and research following the EU referendum (Jo Johnson)

Blog iconBrexit: impact across policy areas (House of Commons Library)

Blog iconOverseas students 'turned off UK universities by Brexit' (TES)

Blog iconLucia Barbone & Vahé Nafilyan - Brexit: What are the implications for the education sector?

Blog iconBrexit FAQs for universities and students (Universities UK)

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