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Brexit Observatory LogoMigration was a high-profile topic during the referendum debates. As negotiations unfold, and the terms under which migrants can enter and remain in the UK, and UK citizens can move within the EU are revealed, the real impact on immigration and emigration will start to emerge.

This page offers evidence-based resources originating from IES and others on the impact of Brexit on migration and the UK workforce, including a subsection on the UK's nursing workforce.


Tony WilsonFree movement will not end with this deal - and that's welcome news

Tony Wilson, Institute Director

The draft Brexit withdrawal agreement and what it reveals about freedom of movement. Our director, Tony Wilson, reflects on the effect that this could have on the UK's future immigration system, and the labour market.


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Nursing workforce

IES research for the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), published in 2016, revealed the scale of challenges facing the NHS nursing workforce. It found that the current shortage in nurses has been caused by three key factors: the Francis Report’s emphasis on safe staffing levels, which has pushed up the demand for nurses, the inadequate number of funded student nursing places in recent years, and an ageing workforce.

IES researchers followed this up with analysis that revealed the NHS trusts that were most at risk following the referendum.

This section offers evidence-based resources originating from IES and others on how Brexit might effect the UK's nursing workforce and the NHS as a whole.

Video iconRachel Marangozov - Why worry about the 96% drop in EU nurse registrations?

Data iconNew data show 96% drop in nurses from EU since July last year (The Health Foundation)

Blog iconNHS to fast-track nurses as record EU staff leave service after Brexit vote (The Guardian)

Video iconNHS faces crippling crisis if Brexit forces out tens of thousands of EU nurses (RT)

Blog iconBrexit and the NHS (NHS Confed)

Blog iconPreparing for the impact of Brexit on health in the UK (UK in a Changing Europe)

Blog iconWhat impact will Brexit have on nursing? (The Guardian)

Blog iconFuture of UK health care at risk as more than four in ten European doctors considering leaving UK following Brexit vote (BMA)

Blog iconFall in applicants 'threatens nursing's future' (Royal College of Nursing)

Blog iconNumber of EU nurses coming to UK falls 90 per cent since Brexit vote (Telegraph)

Publication iconBeyond Brexit: Assessing key risks to the nursing workforce in England

Blog iconOur nurses are being cast into a perfect Brexit storm (The Guardian)

Blog iconChiara Manzoni - NHS nurses: filling the recruitment gap

Publication iconBecoming one of us (IPPR)

Blog iconRachel Marangozov - A third of nurses due to retire in the next 10 years. Who is going to plug the gap?

Blog iconFive big issues for health and social care after the Brexit vote (The King's Fund)

Blog iconHow will Brexit affect the NHS? The English trusts that depend most on EU nurses (London School of Economics)

Blog iconNurse shortage 'could last for years' (BBC)

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