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Brexit Observatory LogoThe overall impact of Brexit on employment and the wider labour market in the UK will depend not just on migration flows, but also on broader economic factors, such as trade patterns and business location decisions. The full impact will take time to emerge and will not become clear until the negotiations develop and we know what trade and labour migration arrangements we agree with our erstwhile European partners.

This page offers evidence-based resources originating from IES and others considering the impact of Brexit on the UK labour market.


Jim HillageFurther decline in EU workers prompts fears of labour shortages

Jim Hillage, Director, Employment Policy Research

What might the fall in numbers of EU workers mean for the UK's labour market, and economy, in the light of Brexit. Jim Hillage considers this decline in the context of low unemployment and high numbers of vacancies across the labour market.

Video iconPost-Brexit immigration systems and the impact on skills and labour supply: Update January 2017

Blog iconEU staff shortages put UK labour market under increasing pressure, says REC survey (Independent)

Publication iconUnited Kingdom - Economic forecast summary (June 2017) (OECD)

Blog iconLandowners warn of rural labour shortage since Brexit referendum (The Times (£))

Publication iconProfessional Briefings 11 – How can the UK and Scotland prosper outside the EU? (Academy of Social Sciences)

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Blog iconBrexit: Are we facing a workforce crunch? (Flip Chart Fairy Tales)

Blog iconAllie Renison: Government must listen to business when preparing for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit (Conservative Home)

Publication iconRed, Yellow and Blue Brexit: the manifestos uncovered (UK in a Changing Europe)

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Publication iconTen months after the EU referendum: How is the economy doing? - speech by Michael Saunders (Bank of England)

Blog iconBrexit: financial services (House of Lords European Union Committee)

Blog iconDivision, austerity, the gig economy: migration isn’t our biggest labour market problem (LSE Brexit Blog)

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Blog iconArticle 50 Infographics – updated to end April (University of Surrey)

Presentation iconAndrea Broughton - Slides: Brexit: how it looks from the UK

Publication iconThe impact of EU Objective 1 funds on regional development: Evidence from the U.K. and the prospect of Brexit (Journal of Regional Science)

Publication iconEconomic cross-currents keep pay rises modest (Pay Climate, Incomes Data Research)

Publication iconChambers of Commerce: Put practicality, certainty at the heart of Brexit negotiations (British Chamber of Commerce)

Blog iconBrexit May Cause U.K. Output to Fall 9.5%, MIT Study Shows (Bloomberg)

Publication iconNavigating Brexit: Priorities for business, options for government (Institute of Directors)

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Blog iconBank of England sharply raises UK Growth forecast (The Guardian) 

Publication iconTesting Brexit: researchers layout blueprint for success (UK in a Changing Europe)

Video iconRachel Marangozov - Post-Brexit immigration systems and the impact on skills and labour supply: Update January 2017

Blog iconBrexit: Labour Market - threat or opportunity? (Lords Economic Affairs Committee)

Blog iconHard Brexit means retiring later, Britons warned (The Guardian)

Video iconBrexit and labour market policy evidence session (Work and Pensions Committee)

Publication iconThe Macro-Economic Impact of Brexit: Using the CBR Macro-Economic Model of the UK Economy (University of Cambridge Centre for Business Research)

Publication iconTransitional period for financial services vital following Brexit (Lords Select Committee)

Blog iconUK's food industry: 'Access to single market and labour vital' (National Famers Union)

Blog iconThe Velvet Brexit (Social Europe)

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Publication iconLabour Market Outlook (CIPD)

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Publication iconThe UK Economy - forecast summary (NIESR)

Blog iconBrexit vote will lead to cut in disposable incomes in 2017, says thinktank (The Guardian)

Blog iconFreelancers: "Brexit uncertainty remains a concern" (IPSE)

Publication iconWhat to do with the UK? EU Perspectives on Brexit (VoxEU)

Data iconEarnings Outlook (Resolution Foundation)

Publication iconVoting Leave: Causes and consequences (CentrePiece)

Blog iconAssessment of the UK post-referendum economy: September 2016 (ONS)

Blog iconMajority of UK CEOs considering moving operations abroad post-Brexit - survey (Reuters)

Blog iconFewer Finance Jobs, but More Lawyers: Is This the UK’s Post-Brexit Future? (Burning Glass)

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Blog iconIES Viewpoint: UK employment and Brexit: the issues

Publication iconTaking the temperature of the post-Brexit economy (TUC)

Blog iconNigel Meager - Labour market remains strong in early post-referendum period, but watch this space...

Publication iconAndrea Broughton - Brexit vote creates job uncertainty in the UK (Eurofound European Restructuring Monitor Quarterly)

Video iconJim Hillage - The impact of Brexit on the world of employment

Blog iconBrexit: impact across policy areas (House of Commons Library)

Blog iconJim Hillage - What does Brexit mean for employment?

Publication iconEmployers’ responses to Brexit: The perspective of employers in low skilled sectors (NIESR)

Publication iconThe implications of Brexit for UK agriculture (University of the West of England)

Blog iconUK permanent staff recruitment falls at sharpest rate in seven years (Markit/Recruitment and Employment Confederation)

Data iconTracking the impact of the EU referendum (Office for National Statistics)

Publication iconBrexit Beckons: Thinking ahead by leading economists (VoxEU)

Blog iconEU social partners’ first reactions to Brexit (European Observatory of Working Life)

Blog iconThe potential labour market impact of Brexit (Learning and Work Institute)

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