Masterclass workshops: Performance-related reward: here we go again?!

Be it bankers’ bonuses or senior pay in the public and private sectors, performance-related rewards are never far from the headlines. The reality is that traditional approaches to PRP have been found wanting, but without any relationship between rewards and performance then any employer is likely to be in serious trouble.

This programme will consider and help you to resolve this paradox in your own situation, reviewing newer, engagement-driven approaches to relating performance and rewards, broadening your perspective and considering some new and varied means of delivering on this most intractable yet still highly desirable goal.


The aim is to:

  • discuss the failings and paradoxes of traditional performance-related pay systems
  • look at emerging approaches to relating rewards and performance
  • consider the evidence on what makes performance-related reward plans effective
  • diagnose and plan in delegates’ own situations


Practical, with inputs of research and case examples to stimulate discussion and debate, plus action planning.


  • the contemporary context for performance-related reward
  • the types and incidence
  • evidence on effectiveness and its determinants
  • base pay approaches
  • bonus and incentive plans
  • non-financial recognition
  • engagement approaches replacing the carrot and stick
  • what you need to do


Half a day

CPD course pricing

Unless otherwise stated, in-house course fees are as follows:

CPD in-house training per day (excl. VAT)
non-members of the IES HR Network £1,640
members of the IES HR Network £1,450

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