Implementing an effective employee value proposition

Past HR Network Event

29 March 2018

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Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Elaine Tyler, Research Associate, IES


Employee Value Proposition worksheet

This workshop covered such topics as:

  • What do we mean by an ‘employee value proposition’ (EVP) and why is it important?

  • The impact a competitive EVP can have on your organisation.

  • Get it wrong, pay the price – broken promises and confounded expectations.

  • The steps for implementing your own effective EVP.

  • Key questions to help you take stock of your own EVP approach.


Elaine Tyler, Research Associate, Institute for Employment Studies


Hugh Owen, Global HR Business Manager, Infineum International Ltd

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An employee value proposition represents the values, culture and practical benefits offered by an employer in exchange for the performance and productivity of an employee. The 'give' and the 'get'.

One might suggest that the most important thing to a prospective employee is money, but in reality, money isn’t everything. Prospective employees weigh up a number of other factors, such as learning, growth and development, to choose the organisation that’s right for them.

To attract and keep the best talent at your company, you need to stand out to the best candidates and create a compelling story that not only includes a competitive salary, but also includes the characteristics and overall appeal of working for your organisation over others.