Unlocking talent through social mobility

Past HR Network Event

18 July 2019

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Unlocking talent through social mobility  
Dan Lucy, Principal Research Fellow, IES 

Social mobility in the Ministry of Justice 
Drew Morris, Head of Social Mobility,  Ministry of Justice 

This workshop covered:

  • What is social mobility and why it matters?
  • What are the main challenges and barriers to improving social mobility?
  • What can organisations do to facilitate social mobility?


Dan Lucy, Principal Research Fellow, Institute for Employment Studies

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It’s clear that greater diversity delivers better business performance, and HR has a pivotal role to play in this space. The Social Mobility Commission’s latest State of the Nation report identified that those from a better-off background are 80 per cent more likely to be in a professional job than their working class peers, and that there is a class pay gap even where working class individuals make it into a professional job. This event explored what organisations can do, and are doing, to level the playing field and encourage greater diversity.