Change management: Elixir or snake oil?

Past HR Network Event

13 July 2017

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Organisational Change: The Shifting Landscape
Stephen Bevan, Head of HR Research Development, IES

Models of Change: A Buyer's Guide
Sharon Varney, Director, Space for Learning

Further Reading

Strategic change-readiness for organisations
Alison Carter

Organisational change: finding your way as you journey into the unknown
Sharon Varney

Infographic: Mindfulness for Strategic Change
Alison Carter

This workshop covered such topics as:

  • current trends in OD theory and practice;
  • a buyer's guide to OD consultants; and
  • innovations in OD practice with examples and an analysis of their impact.


Sharon Varney, Director, Space for Learning

Facilitator: Professor Stephen Bevan, Head of HR Research Development, Institute for Employment Studies

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There is no shortage of change management advice available to organisations these days. Some is light-touch, enabling and appreciative and some is large scale, directive and - in the worst cases - exploitative. Of course, there are many models that sit between these extremes, but it can be hard to pick the models or theories of change which are best suited to your organisations specific context and to assess what external support to commission and what can only be delivered internally.

This event was designed to act as a 'buyers guide' to change management and OD support, bringing to bear both the expertise of IES and the experiences of participants.