Integrating mindfulness and compassion

Past HR Network Event

7 September 2017

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What do we mean by 'compassion at work' and why does it matter?
Liz Hall, IES Associate, Mindful Coach, Joint Editor of the pilot edition of International Journal of Mindfulness and Compassion at Work

'Embrace the suck': Mindfulness as a collective practice
Jutta Tobias, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University

HR’s role in integrating mindfulness and compassion to improve our organisational systems and culture
Alison Carter, Principal Research Fellow, IES

Further Reading

Internation Journal of Mindfulness and Compassion at Work, Iss. 1

Mindfulness in organisations
Alison Carter, Jutta Tobias, Kate Spiegelhalter

Infographic: Mindfulness for strategic change
Alison Carter

Strategic change-readiness for organisations
Alison Carter

This workshop covered such topics as:

  • An update on research on mindfulness and compassion at work.

  • Integration with HR processes; including learning and development, reward, performance management and employee engagement.

  • Connecting with organisational transformation and culture change initiatives.


Liz Hall, IES associate, professional coach and author of 'Mindful Coaching'

Dr Jutta Tobias, Cranfield University School of Management

Facilitator: Dr Alison Carter, Principal Research Fellow, Institute for Employment Studies

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Mindfulness and compassion are increasingly being mentioned as features present in great places to work. Research studies indicate the employee wellbeing and performance improvements which can result.  In this experiential workshop we will explore what these concepts actually are and how they might be taken beyond training programme provision and leveraged to support organisational transformation and culture change.