Annual Provocation: The enemy within: the lies HR tells itself

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18th September 2014

The meltdown of several financial institutions in the 2008 crisis raised our awareness of just how easy it is for organisations to adopt a corporate arrogance and to wilfully ignore the warning signs about the health of the organisation or the impact of current practice. In the aftermath there was a widespread casting of stones at the leaders of such organisations for the part they played along with a notable absence of humility. There has been a debate since on the potential role HR or HRDs could have played acting as corporate conscience and holding the mirror up to colleagues and leaders, but perhaps it is time for HR to reflect and make sure it is itself without sin before criticising others.  
Jeffrey Pfeffer in 'Hard Facts, Dangerous Half Truths and Total Nonsense' warns of poor decision practices: the comfort of being with the majority; of focusing on positive news and ignoring the negative; of falling in love with new ideas over and over again.
Our provocation will explore the HR function's half truths and total nonsense, it may not be comfortable listening but important to hear.

Compensation & Benefits Review
Duncan Brown: Aon Hewitt

What lies does HT tell (about) itself?
David Guest: King’s College, London

The lies HR tells itself – in rewards
Duncan Brown: Aon Hewitt