Leveraging coaching for organisational change

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30th October 2014

The rate of success for sustained change in organisations is estimated at less than ten per cent. At the same time, the gap between expecting change and being able to manage it, is also growing bigger. This session addresses the need for more effective strategies and methods to accelerate and sustain organisational change. Coaching has become an important intervention for personal development, leadership and performance improvement but its potential as a tool to support organisation change is not yet being fully exploited.
The workshop is aimed at HR and change practitioners who want to improve the way they connect their coaching offers to their change requirements so as to increase the success of their organisational change interventions. It should also be a very useful CPD event for managers and internal coaches who want to learn and practice skills to use coaching in supporting their clients and teams involved in change initiatives.

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Alison Carter: IES

Leveraging coaching for organisational change
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John Bennett: McColl School of Business

Barriers to successful coaching: the coachee perspective
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Alison Carter: IES

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