Capitalising on neurodiverse talent

Past HR Network Event

7 February 2019

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Capitalising on neurodiverse talent: Optimising the talents of diverse thinkers
Ian Iceton, Amanda Callen, Helen Gray, Adam Goldman and Liz Hey


Neurodiversity at Work
Gray H, George A (2016), Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas)

Psychology at work: improving wellbeing and productivity in the workplace
The British Psychological Society

Neurodiversity at work

This workshop covered such topics as:

  • The scope and nature of neurodiversity.

  • Attracting, recruiting and retaining talent for enhanced organisational value.

  • Identifying the main issues for organisations in supporting employees in the workplace.

  • Examples of best practice in organisations which have successfully used strategies for recruiting and supporting people with neurodiversity in work.


Amanda Callen, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Employment Studies

Liz Hey, Research Officer, Institute for Employment Studies


Ian Iceton, Group HR Director at River and Mercantile Group

Adam Goldman, Auticon

Helen Gray, Principal Research Economist, Institute for Employment Studies

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HR professionals are increasingly aware that there may be much untapped potential in the unique strengths of neurodivergent employees, both within and outside of their current workforce.

As knowledge of the types of neurodiverse thinking increases, along with growing insight into the opportunities and challenges that neurodiversity can bring to a largely neurotypical workforce, HR professionals need to understand how best to capitalise on this resource by using effective practices and strategies to attract, recruit, manage and develop neurodiverse employees.

This IES workshop offered delegates the chance to get up to speed on current understanding around neurodiverse conditions, as we critically considered the challenges and opportunities which neurodiversity offers to organisations.