Changing together: Change tools for teams

Past HR Network Event

21 March 2019

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Changing together: Change tools for teams (Session 1)
Alison Carter, Megan Edwards

Changing together: Change tools for teams (Session 2)
Alison Carter, Megan Edwards


Infographic: Change Capable Teams
Carter A (2019)

Changing together: Change tools for teams
Varney S, Carter A, Edwards M (2019), The Henley Forum and Institute for Employment Studies

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This workshop covered such topics as:

  • Results from the IES and Henley Forum research.
  • Working with business-critical teams to assess change-readiness and change-capability.
  • Helping reflective practice on change among leadership teams.
  • Embedding learning from previous change efforts.
  • Using appreciative inquiry and co-production methods to encourage a team climate of togetherness.
  • Connecting change to purpose.


Alison Carter, Principal Research Fellow, Institute for Employment Studies

Megan Edwards, Research Fellow, Institute for Employment Studies

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When it comes to change, organisations are encouraged to be agile and adaptable. Since change often comes whether you are ready or not, it pays to be equipped to act swiftly as both planned and unexpected situations arise. The key is to be primed and change-ready at all times.

The IES 2018 Annual Conference explored the ‘alchemy’ of agility required by organisations to rapidly change in order to meet the growing demands made of them. The good news from that conference is that agile organisations can be built. Now it’s time to get practical and focus on what can be done and how.  Since teams are the primary way that many organisations produce and deliver, it makes sense to ensure we have change-ready, change-capable teams.

This workshop reported on findings from an IES/Henley Forum collaboration, which researched what helps teams to feel ready and able to implement change.  In the workshop, the facilitators shared some of the tools that were developed during this project, as well as some of the secrets uncovered from the most change-able teams, to guide thinking on how to use these tools in teams.