High involvement change: from consultation to co-production

Past HR network Event

7 April 2016

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The management of change often receives rock-bottom ratings in the employee survey, with employees complaining that their voices are not being heard. There is evidence that paying lip-service to consultations is demotivating and promotes mistrust rather than involvement. HR and change practitioners, on the other hand, feel frustrated that people are quick to criticise but slow to get involved. How can this no-win situation be transformed, so that employees feel genuinely involved and participate willingly and creatively in offering ideas and bringing about change?

Engaging everyone in change: Introduction
Dilys Robinson

Engaging everyone in change: Involving staff in culture change
Hendrika Santer Bream

UKVI: Facing into change
Valerie Garrow

From consultation to co-production: high-involvement change: IES Perspectives on HR 2016
Valerie Garrow