Meaningfulness at work

Past HR Network Event

13 December 2016

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What makes work meaningful, and what can employers do?
Professor Katie Bailey, Department of Business and Management, University of Sussex

Meaningfulness intervention: Research findings
Dr Luke Fletcher, Lecturer in HRM, Aston University Business School

Putting the research into practice: views of research participants, followed by group discussion
Dilys Robinson

Thales: Our commitment to our people

Further reading

What's the point? The importance of meaningful work
Dr Luke Fletcher and Dilys Robinson

Meaningful work: Part one: Where can we find it?
Professor Katie Bailey

Meaningful work: Part two: How to destroy the meaning of work
Professor Katie Bailey

This workshop covered such topics as:

  • research findings from the joint research study;
  • views from research participants; and
  • what employers can do to make work meaningful.


Dilys Robinson, Principal Associate, Institute for Employment Studies

Dr Luke Fletcher, Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Aston University Business School

Professor Katie Bailey, Department of Business and Management, University of Sussex

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It's easy to see how employees experience meaning in their work if their organisation has a clear and worthy aim (such as a charity), or if they have a hands-on or customer-facing role. How can organisations help employees experience a sense that what they do from day-to-day is worthwhile and valuable, even if they work in a role that is removed from the coalface? And how does employees' sense of meaning connect with the purpose of their jobs and the nature of the organisation?

This workshop presented the results of a joint Brighton Business School/IES research study into meaningfulness at work.