Career development

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24th September 2013

The heart of Talent Management Organisations implementing talent management strategies rapidly find themselves in the territory of career development:
■    How do we find out about the career aspirations and constraints of our people?
■    How do we give those in talent pools access to the career experiences they need to make them credible successors for senior or key roles?
■    What career paths do we have and how are they changing as business needs, jobs and skills change?
■    How do we increase international mobility?
■    How do we relate career development support for the 'few' to our wider intentions to support the development of the potential of all our staff?
■    Do on-line career resources really help?
■   How do we develop managers for their work in talent management and career development and who in HR/L&D/OD supports this

Career development presentation
Wendy Hirsh, Rob Nathan: IES

Interests Explorer Guidelines
Rob Nathan: Career Counselling Services

Guideline questions for conducting career conversations
Rob Nathan: Career Counselling Services

Guide to career coaching
Rob Nathan: Career Counselling Services

Career support services report summary
Wendy Hirsh: IES

Practical framework
Wendy Hirsh: IES