Metrics that matter

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12th December 2013

Human capital reporting may have been kicked into the long grass by Gordon Brown but that doesn’t mean to say it was a bad idea. For a moment we had a glimpse of HR functions keen to be able to articulate the value of the people in the organisation in terms of the kind of performance metrics that leaders notice. That interest has diminished somewhat now the drive for it has ebbed. But metrics don’t just prove value they can focus effort, inform activity and drive improvement. They should be in the toolkit of every HR function and we should all understand what key metrics are worth keeping an eye on. This masterclass will focus on the metrics that matter, the ones that link most closely to business performance and show how these can be collected, manipulated and put to use.

A review of the evidence
Penny Tamkin: IES

Practical HR Metrics
Steve Davies: Lambeth Living