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31st January 2013

Most organisations have a set of ‘values’. They’re up on the wall, on the website, maybe even on pens, mouse mats and mugs. The words and sentiments are worthy, but a cynical observer might point to deeds and behaviours that don’t always match up to the values: it’s a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’. This masterclass examines values from different angles: their purpose; the balance between top down and bottom up; communicating them; embedding them consistently in systems and processes; and rewarding behaviours that reflect and promote them. We will also consider organisations that do not feel the need to discuss, define or write down their values, such is the extent to which they are tacitly understood and ingrained.

Values Masterclass
Dilys Robinson: IES

WSH A values driven business
Lynne Graham: WSH