Organisation effectiveness

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8th October 2013

As organisations are becoming even more outcome focused in their people activities, many are now beginning to talk about Organisation Effectiveness (OE) rather than Organisation Development. In this highly participative workshop we will explore what OE is and the role of the ‘people function’ in this . There will then be the opportunity to work through a case study using OE diagnostic tools and models as well as peer coaching sessions to help you work through your own organisational challenges. Participants will also have the opportunity to consider their own skill and knowledge set.

Welcome and introductions from Paul Fairhurst, Principal Consultant, Institute for Employment Studies, and Paul Neville, Organisation & Sector Development Lead, Housing Ombudsman Service were followed by group exercises and discussions.

Organisation Effectiveness presentation
Paul Fairhurst: IES

Transactional to Transformational presentation
Paul Neville: HOS