Artificial intelligence: the potential impact on the work of the HR function

Thu 02 May 2019 13:30
Broadway House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9NQ

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AI offers the possibility of profoundly affecting the work of the HR function. It may streamline transactional work, speed up recruitment, allow new forms of training and reinvigorate reward and performance management, etc.

However, there are serious risks to be considered in technological adoption. These range from data security through opaque decision making processes to unethical design.

We need to confront these challenges and find solutions if we are to optimise the use of AI without facing employee or legal objections, or poor business outcomes. This requires a clear sighted view of why AI is being used and how it can best be managed, avoiding the hype and the seductive promises of over optimistic sales pitches of technology providers.

Topics we will cover include:

The potential impact of AI on:

  • Administration

  • Case work

  • Recruitment

  • Learning and development

  • Reward and performance management

  • Analytics and data management

Who should attend?

Those charged with constructing their AI and HR strategy. Those service managers seeking to optimise their HR work. Specialists in HR work areas who believe AI allows innovation in their practice. HR business partners who need to be more au fait with developments in this field.

How will you/your organisation benefit from this event?

Organisational representatives should be able to take back a better understanding of the opportunities and risks AI presents.



Peter Reilly is a Principal Associate of the Institute for Employment Studies. He joined IES in 1995 as a Senior Research Fellow and eight years later became Director HR Research and Consultancy. In May 2014 he resigned to become self employed whilst continuing his attachment to IES. Peter still contributes to the consultancy and research work on the HR function at IES and also to projects on workforce planning, reward and performance management. Clients come from all sectors and his involvement ranges from facilitation, through expert advice to policy design and evaluation.

He has written various articles and books on the HR function. For example, he has co-authored three books on HR with Tony Williams once of the Royal Bank of Scotland – ‘How to get best value from HR: the shared services option’, ‘Strategic HR: building the capability to deliver’ and ‘Global HR: challenges facing the function’. For the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development he has co-led projects that have produced three reports – ‘Managing and Developing HR Careers: Emerging Trends and Issues,’ ‘The changing HR function: the key questions’ and ‘The Changing HR Function: Transforming HR?’

Prior to IES, Peter held various HR posts with Shell in the UK and overseas. In 1988, he won an International Publishing Corporation (IPC) award with Riley Advertising for a recruitment advert for AI technologists.

Related reading

Reilly P (2018) The impact of artificial intelligence on the HR function, IES Perspectives on HR 2018, Member Paper 142. (This contains a substantial reading list).

Event programme

13.30   Registration and refreshments

13.45   Welcome, introductions and purpose of the event
            Peter Reilly, Principal Associate, Institute for Employment Studies

14.00   Table discussion and feedback: Your experiences of AI

15.00   Areas where AI may impact:

  • Administration

  • Case work

15.30   Afternoon tea

16.00   Areas where AI may impact:

  • Recruitment

  • Learning and development

  • Reward and performance management

  • Analytics and data management

17.00   Wrap up, conclusions and depart

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