Annual HR Directors Retreat: Behavioural change at work

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28 & 29 April 2015

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Our HR Directors’ retreat this year focused on behavioural change at work. Pulling on a wide range of disciplines; behavioural science, neuroscience and psychology, and mixed with organisational experience of trying to shift behaviour in the workplace.

Behavioural change is often harder than we anticipate and yet much of the effort of HR is an attempt to shift engrained behaviours and cultures. We often want to shape the ways people think, behave, interact; change their habits or ways of working. There is now a growing understanding of influences on behaviour and consequently new approaches and new solutions. Some of these come from the world of behavioural science; such behavioural approaches offer a potentially powerful new set of tools to ‘nudge’ employees - or ourselves - into new ways of acting by going with the grain of how people think and act. It builds on our very human, sociable, emotional and sometimes fallible brain and the psychology of intuitive judgement. Neuroscience complements these approaches with insights into how our brains operate and how we can maximise our ability to cope with change, change attitudes through bring about behaviour change maximise creativity and openness to change. These insights were coupled with organisational case studies; warts and all as we have come to expect of the retreat.

Slides 'The pain of behavioural change'
Jo Clarke

Slides ' Working with values to create behaviour change'
Hendrika Santer Bream

Poem ' Making sense of nonsense'
Dr Jenny Knight