Tapping into the Youth Labour Market

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2 July 2015

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Many employers are revitalising their recruitment of young people, especially extending apprenticeships into new areas of work and tapping more effectively into the large and diverse pool of new graduates. IES has recently undertaken major research into both apprenticeships and graduate recruitment. This workshop was a chance to tap into key findings and share effective practices with other employers.

This participative workshop covered:

■      Trends in the youth employment, unemployment and education/ training.

■      Apprenticeships: opportunities, challenges and employer-led initiatives.

■      Effective practice in graduate recruitment and links with universities.

Trends in the youth labour market
Matt Williams, IES Research Fellow

Jaguar Land Rover case study
Rob Gill, Graduate, Undergraduate & Apprentice Recruitment, Jaguar Land Rover

Apprenticeships: Recent developments, challenges and practices
Becci Newton, IES Principal Research Fellow

Graduate recruitment: Trends, issues and effective practices
Emma Pollard, IES Senior Research Fellow and Wendy Hirsh, IES Principal Associate

Effective talent and succession management
Wendy Hirsh, 
 IES Principal Associate

Graduate and students reading list

Apprenticeship reading list