HR Network Mini Conference: 'Realistic expectations? The role of the line in people management'

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21 May 2015

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The line manager is a crucial player: developer, coach, talent spotter, engager, motivator, performance manager, communicator, workforce planner, change agent. Much is expected of line managers, who represent the vital link between organisational priorities, and the translation of these intentions to actions on the ground. Yet managers themselves often feel overloaded by the combination of roles they are asked to perform and the operational targets they are required to meet.  How can HR best support the line?

The mini-conference was an opportunity for delegates to network with their peers from other organisations, and benefit from IES’s depth and breadth of expertise.

Event programme

Setting the scene
Stephen Bevan

Engaging and motivating the team
Dilys Robinson

Clarifying the role of the line in talent management
Wendy Hirsh

The line manager as change agent
Sharon Varney

External case study on performance management
Ryan Cheyne

Delegate activities and discussions
Wendy Hirsh and Sharon Varney

Effective talent and succession management
Wendy Hirsh

The role of the line in Talent Management
Wendy Hirsh